Full blown kind of special...

Ever wonder what your dam would do if you hooked it up to an unregulated 4500 PSI HPA  tank? Well wonder no more. I present to you the new Dye Dam CQB bolt. Just kidding. But no, really, don't even think about doing something like this. When the user hooked up the tank to his dam, it literally crushed the bolt, and blew off part of the regulator. They could have been seriously injured.


The new and improved "CQB" bolt.


Note the missing back of the regulator grip


There are some things that should be Loc-Tited, and there are things that shouldnt be...

No, I am not proud of this personal submission, but some genius told me that one way you can keep the can from detaching form the bolt assembly when removing it from the dam would be to Loc-Tite it into place... fine, thats not a horrible idea, but it is when you use the Blue variety (Medium/Strong). Should you ever find yourself in such a stupid predicament, you will have to remove all the o-rings as shown in the pic below, and theb boil the loc-tite so that it melts away.  There is no need to loctite the can to the bolt assembly, as it will never (Because its physically impossible) come undone and loosen. The Dam's body has been designed so that there is no room for the can to come undone. It only comes undone when you are reversing the assembly out. With that being said, hey Dye Tech's, maybe the next one could be reverse threaded so it wont come out so easy?


Pictured above is what stupid looks like.

Wire management

Yes, wire management even applies to the Dam, keep your wires neat and organized and for the love of George, please be careful when putting it all together, or you could pinch a wire and ruin a perfectly good set of eyes.


"Why aren't my eyes working?"... Oh

Don't over-tigthen yo nuts

Snug, thats as far as you should go, or else this will happen.


Dam Grip - Do not over tighten screw


Or else you will cause the nut to detach from the grip and it will travel down the bolt.

Buttons are meant to be pushed, not squished

When replacing your board, be VERY mindful of the 3 buttons on the side. The user in these photos bent a button, and it later fell off, when he squished the board button against the button faces/caps. Be sure to place the board into the dam button side first to ensure that this doesn't happen.


How it happened


Button bent on board.


Button broken clean off

Story of the Caged BR bolt tip. (Another case of Loctite but this time with Vice Grips)

There is absolutely no need to ever apply LocTite to your can.  It will never come undone while shooting. And in this guys case, it almost never came undone after shooting. Turns out he took some sort of vice grips to it and couldn't get it unstuck. After a good 10 minutes of brute force, and using creative leverage (Screw driver through the cage) I managed to free the poor Box rotor bolt.

vice grip

Entrapped Box Rotor bolt - Due to loc-tite.

And on the 11th day, God came down from heaven, and tightened this dudes bolt for him

Behold! The new CQB Shortened Bolt... No just kidding. Folks, don't over-tighten your bolt. Hand tighten, snugly. Looks like somebody used a tire iron or a power tool to do this.

Twisted Bolt

Bolt tightened to hell. New "CQB SHORTENED BOLT".


Twisted Bolt2

Oh yeah, and his tips were completely missing

Last Updated : June 2016