Despite the best made plans of mice and men, not everything always goes as planned in a design process. This page is dedicated to the small, yet effective modifications that users have submitted that have yielded improvements in performance and reliability.

Dye Dam UL Stock Installation

SO you saw an UL stock online... It looks pretty cool right? And ofcourse, being the dye dam whore that you are (that we all are), you bought it.


And after what felt like a lifetime, it finally arrived at your door step. You tear open the packaging like its Christmas morning, only to find this...


Ack! Where's the buffer tube?! Well it turns out that it was never included in the first place, and some companies thought it would be a good idea to take pics of what it looks like when completed... A little misleading, yes? Anyways. This video will show you how to get your stock on your existing buffer tube (Shown below), unless that is, you bought this for your Dye Dam CQB, then you're in a bit of a pickle. Call your local Dye Rep, ask for the part.


Box Rotor Tension Adjustment Mod

There have been many arguments as to what the perfect amount of tension and turns to the adjustment set screw are. Some say 2, some say 3.  (Set screw to flush -as in doesn't stick out at all- and unscrew 2 or 3 full turns). If you've tried 2 turns out and you still feel that your rotor is too harsh on fragile balls, you should maybe try 3 turns out. But before you do so, you will have to modify the Box Rotor Tray with a small adjustment. See video for more info.    Mod Discovery by  Johan N

Box Rotor Ball Stack Detent Modifier

Some people's Box Rotors feed just fine, and others seem to be a little tempermental. Here's a quick solution I've stumbled across on the Dam Owners Group on FB. This is an alternative to completely removing the detent (the detents only purpose is to keep the 3-4 top balls in the stack from falling out when removing the box rotor... THATS IT).


Box Rotor Stack Retaining Detent - Modified with set screw


For this modification, you will need a set screw (yes you can use the one that comes in your Dam Mag Toolkit), a drill, and a drill bit that is only just slightly smaller than the diameter of the set screw.

  1. Drill a hole in the same spot shown below.
  2. Insert the set screw, the set screw will thread itself.
  3. Adjust the set screw so that the lip is now showing when looking from within the box rotor ( You may need a smartphone for this)


Image taken from within the Box Rotor showing that the Retaining Detent has been retracted all the way back and is not obstructing ball movement.