Air/Nitrogen Tank options and Installation

The DAM will only work with Compressed air or Nitrogen air (HPA) system. DO NOT USE Co2 OR ANY OTHER COMPRESSED GAS. The output pressure from the air system has to be between 400-850 psi. Ideally the tank should be set to 550 PSI

How to adjust Ninja Tanks

Here's how to adjust the output pressure on a ninja tanks. YOU MUST COMPLETELY HAVE DRAINED THE TANK PRIOR TO DOING THIS. It would be wise to do this after having your tank connected to an output gage to know how many shims to pull out of the regulator.

How to read the label on an HPA tank (Canada & US)


How to read an HPA Tank


Backs of Ninja Tanks


Etched info on a Ninja Steelie

The tale of the regulator-less tank

This is what it looks like when you hook up a tank to a Dam that doesn't have a regulator attached. The entire bolt assembly was obliterated due to the some 3000 psi of pressure (regular should be 550psi)

The Dye Dam Wall of shame

The Dye Dam Wall of shame

Other Tank Options

Here are the tanks that Unanistan uses for his various loadouts.

  • 13 ci - First Strike / Sniper Role
  • 50 ci - Mag Fed specific loadout
  • 68 ci - Box Mag (can handle about 2.5 box mags worth)
  • 45 cf - Dual Box mag (approx 6,500 shots)

 vIMG_9533 IMG_9540