So you’re looking to buy a used Dam…

Thats great news! But here’s a list of things to look for prior to buying, as well as things to bring along with you so that you are prepared.

Always bring the following items to inspect a Dam.

  1. Fresh 9 Volt battery. (I am stressing the fresh part)
  2. Your own set of allen keys (In the event that they don’t have theirs anymore)
  3. Your own Paintballs (I highly suggest firing some rounds, but if you are unable to due to the sale being in a public place, or a highly concentrated residential area such as a condominium, then dry firing into a sweater/pillow will do.

The Dam

  • Always Power it up, never buy any marker without powering it on.  In the event that it doesn’t turn on with a fresh battery, it could mean 1 of 2 things, either the battery connector into the board isn’t sitting right (usually a noob mistake when re assembling their marker) (5 minute fix), or that the board is dead. ($50 replacement). Either way, use this as leverage to lower the price. The marker is very simplistic in design, so that is the only two problems you will face in terms of electronics.
  • Power it up, With Air, check for leaks. Most, if not all leaks can be fixed with a complete o-ring replacement (for those who don’t know how to troubleshoot), or a re greasing of all moving parts/o-rings. Don’t let this scare you. Use it as leverage, you can fix it yourself later. NOTE: That sometimes, if a Dam has been sitting aside unused, it may leak for a second until you fire a couple of shots.
  • Check the eyes. After powering it up, with the air source not connected. stick your finger into the ball breach in front of the bolt. The eye’s indicator (Fourth  light from the left) should change from orange to green to indicate that the beam has been broken, and a "ball in place” signal has been registered.
  • Check all 3 of the buttons. There are 3 buttons on the Dam. 1st Power (Hold down to power on and off), 2nd, Firing Mode selector (Semi, 3 Round, and Full Auto), and Eyes on/off (Hold to toggle between two) If one, or any of the buttons don’t work, it may be because the button face isn’t seated correctly on the board, OR the button self has broken on the board, (Again, 5 minute fix, or $50 replacement)
  • Remove the bolt - Unscrew the bolt from the Dam, inspect it for anything unusual, like big scratches, or any other form of abuse. If the bolt comes unscrwewed while removing it from the Dam, relax, this is normal and sometimes happens. Use a barrel maid, or something long and narrow to push the bolt out of the Dam body.
  • Check threading on Ultra Lite Barrel, as well as the barrel block. - You will have to loosen a set screw on top of the Dam (ask the owner to show you) to remove the barrel block.
  • Check the wiring - To do this you will have to remove 5 of screws. (4 that hold the Mag Well on, and one that holds the Dam Grip in place (Where the stock screws in) Check to see that the wires haven’t been pinched, or cut in any way shape or form.
  • Rotate the eye pipe - Use the selector switch to rotate the eye pipe between Hopper Mode and Magfed mode. If you hear some crunching or loud grinding, it means that the owner hasn’t cleaned it in a while and that there is some sand/debris in the gears (Easy 5 minute fix). Use this as leverage.
  • Check the Toolkit Mag  for O-Rings and Tools - You should have at least 4-5 Allen Keys and a wide variety of O-Rings, and 2-3 Extra screws.

Box Rotor

  • Ask the owner to have charged the box rotor in advance, and tell him that you MUST see it working prior to buying. Power it on - the second you turn it on, the motor SHOULD cycle for a fraction of a second, just long enough to rotate the feeder plate 2-3 rotations.
  • Turn the eye off on the Dam, and pull the trigger, if the dam is synchronized to the Box Rotor, it SHOULD activate with each trigger pull, but again, the eyes need to be off for it to send the signal without any balls in the chamber.
  • Pull out the tray, and visually inspect it for any damage (gear teeth, frayed wires, etc.)
  • Plug in battery to charger, see if it works - Depending on the version of the battery charger, the red light might turn off when plugged in, or stay on. Check the page on "BOX ROTOR" to see the two different types of chargers, and how they behave

Last Updated : June 2016