Box Rotor

Thinking of getting one? Thoughts on Box Rotor.

So you're thinking of getting a Box Rotor, but aren't sure if its for you. Here are some thoughts from a long time, calls it like it is, heavy user. (U.A.E.)


Simply put, I love it, and here's a small list of reasons why.

  • Board Synchronization : The box rotor doesn't rely on sound, or sight, to feed balls. It's wirelessly synchronized with the marker itself so it know when it needs to feed paint. This makes it way more energy efficient, and doesn't constantly put unnecessary stress on paintballs in the stack.
  • Battery Life : The rechargeable battery is fantastic, I easily go a full day of paintball without even having to think about it draining on me. Be warned a full charge takes approximately 9 hours to complete
  • The reload lids are large, and on both sides, so regardless of how you hold it, you can still easily fill it.
  • 325 ball capacity and it feeds approx 30 balls per second.
  • Tool-less quick tear down.

Things you should know about the box rotor.

  • As great as it the box rotor is, its harder on paint than the regular hopper style rotor. That is not to say that it can't feed brittle paint, but you should learn how to adjust the tension settings on the engine to keep it from crushing paint. There is no 1 adjustment fits all paint type setting. Calibrate it according to your field paint. It only takes a second.
  • The box rotor itself isn't that heavy but load it with 325 rounds, and it can be. But what do you expect out of a heavy gunner type load-out. Drink your milk, mow face.

Box Rotor Manual Scans

EXPLODED GUIDE BR Cleaning the BR Installing the Dam Board Charging Synching the BR MANUAL COVER

Box Rotor Charger(s)

Dye silently rolled out an update to their chargers. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two without having to rip open your existing charger is to simply look at the LED light.

The one on the left has a red LED, this means its the V1.1 charger
The one on the right has a clear LED, this means its the V1.2 charger
This is also indicated on the left side of the board in white writing.


Charging Lights, and their meanings




Box Rotor Tension Adjustment

The box rotor, when it works properly, is an awesome addition to the Dam arsenal, but when it doesn't can be a blender. As a manufacturer of such a product, it is damn well impossible to have a product like this work right out of the box, and the reason for this is simple, different paint types need different feed tension. What might work great for a thick shelled winter paint would absolutely obliterate soft shelled tournament paint. Find your ideal setting by taking the following steps to adjust your box rotor.

NOTE: A mod is available to FURTHER adjust your Box Rotor ball tension. It involves a very minor mod that could be found on the modifications page.

Box Rotor Synchronization

Box Rotor Synch Test and Firing mode feed demo

Product Walk Through

Silent Upgrades

Dye Tactical silently released new parts for their newer releases of the Box Rotor, they can be seen below. However, don't get your panties tied up in a knot if you don't have one. This can be EASILY replicated at home with a drill and a screw, check the modifications page for the "how to"


Box Rotor Modifications

A full list of Box Rotor Modifications can be found on the modifications page. 


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