Dam Boards

Green VS Blue

The green board shown above was shipped with the dye dams from their release all the way up to early 2016. In 2016 they started shipping with the newly released box rotor board.

Each board has its own benefits and draw backs.

Green board - max bps of 33, times out and turns off after approximately 10 minutes of inactivity, cannot be used with box rotor, does not have low battery indicator.

Blue board - max bps of 15, programmable inactivity shut off, can be paired with box rotor, has low battery indicator.

Solenoid Cleaning



These babies right here are what set your marker apart from the rest of them. Electronic eyes give your marker the ability to literally see the ball and judge whether or not it is safe to shoot. They also add another layer of realism in a sense that it wont fire if theres no ball in the breech, so you wont look like a fool dry firing at your enemies.


The Dam's solenoid is fairly robust and requires little to no maintenance, that is, unless you overload your bolt with grease. Sometimes this grease makes its way into the heart of your marker, and you may need to clean out your solenoid.

This video shows you the step by step instructions required in order to clean your solenoid, but please be noted that taking these actions MAY void your Dam warranty. Do so at your own risk, or after your warranty has expired.