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Add Ons & Upgrades

Just to be clear, add on's aren't always upgrades... not all upgrades actually work as advertised.

Tech T - L7 Bolt

The tech T was released in mid 2016 with promises of increasing overall efficiency, lowering dwell, as well as consistency.
They largely delivered to these claims, but after some years of usage, it has yielded some interesting results.

We polled the users at the Dam Owners group on face book.  of the 59 respondents that chimed in,  a staggering 24% reported that the bolt delivered nothing but problems. The other 76% were very happy with their gains.

Of the problems reported, here is a collection of the most common ailments that troubled this bolt.

  1. FSDO (First Shot Drop Off/Bolt Stick) - This issue plagued a large amount of users, some simply lived with it, others turned up the dwell to compensate (which is kinda silly because it defeats the whole purpose of having it), and others just dumped the bolt.  After contacting an employee via FB about the issue, they said they were aware of it, but do not yet have a working solution.
  2. Loose/Gradually Loosening parts - Parts began to fall out of place, and overall performance began to suffer. The bolt itself uses a spring to assist in the resetting the position of the bolt. This used a rubber puck of sorts as a back stop. When the rubber puck moved out of its original setting, it would throw things out of whack.
  3. Failing plastic parts - Parts would simply crack and fall apart (see pics)

At $90 USD, this upgrade is reasonably priced... that is, if you're one of the 75%, otherwise, you've got a lemon.

May the odds be in your favor *insert hunger games whistle here*

Echelon 14 (E14) One Piece Barrel Carrier

Entrepreneur Stephen Schurk noticed that the Dam was losing some efficiency due to the fact that its rotating plastic eyepipe lacked a proper seal between it and the aluminum barrel carrier. Being an avid magfed player himself, and having access to the necessary machinery to tinker, he set out to solve this problem. Enter the E14, a one piece. static, non rotating, aluminum, unibody barrel carrier. The E14 barrel carrier immediately became a big hit with the magfed community because it instantly added 10-20 FPS, as well as steadied shot for shot consistency.

At a pricetag of $120 USD, this seemed to be a decent upgrade for the magfed community. Some users, however, noticed some shortfalls of this new product, such as;

  1. Incompatibility with all barrel types. Some barrels didnt screw in all the way. (see pics)
  2. Some bolts showed signs of wear, as the bolt would rub up against the aluminum barrel carrier (see pics)
  3. Sizing of detent groove was too tight, causing detents to be stretched further apart than normal, thus causing manipulation/modding. (see pics)

After a solid year of production, Stephen pulled the plug on production. Many players still use this product today, and they are a hot find on Dam related BST pages. (Dam Orphanage on Facebook)

Dye Barrel Thread Carrier

Dye has released some silent upgrades to their Dam product line, one of them is the Dam Threaded Barrel carrier. Dye set out to correct a known issue regarding velocity, and the way they corrected this was by milling out a slot in the barrel carrier, so that they could place a 019BN70 o-ring  in front of the eyepipe. This greatly improved the transfer of forced air behind the ball, and stemmed the loss of air that would otherwise escape as the ball was propelled.

Dye Engineer, Billy Wing, also noted that an alternative to this for those who do not have access to this mod is to drop a 018 o-ring in a non modified barrel carrier, as it will yield similar results, however, turning the eyepipe wont be as easy. A little grease will help out with the rotation (But who uses the rotating eyepipe, anyways)

Dye's new upgraded barrel carrier boasts approx 20-25 FPS increases, and their findings can be found in the chart pictured below.

The new updated barrel carrier runs for approx $15 USD, and can be bought from the link below


Dynamic Sports Air Through Stock

Dynamic Sports Gear  stepped in where Dye left an opening, literally. Dynamic sports created an air through stock system that took advantage of Dye's auxiliary air input port. This add on was very appealing to a good chunk of magfed players that longed for a more realistic playing style and appearance. Check out the pics below, it does indeed look pretty sexy. However this did not appeal to the entire player base, largely due to the fact that you are limiting your on field time due to the 13ci's ability to only shoot - BALLPARK -  150 shots.

Every so often a user posts a question about his leaking DSG Air Through Stock. The issue stems from the fact that they are using 2 x red o-rings. The o-ring on the front of the plunger should not be red. This is too big, and will get sheared every time you install the Air Through stock. Try using a smaller green o-ring, as it has shown to be a better fit, and wont get damaged upon insertion.

The DSG Air Through stock comes with:

  • Dye DAM Air Stock Adapter (Aluminium)
  • Air Connector Pin
  • Stock Guide
  • M-16 stock for HP bottles up to 50mm diameter
  • ASA Lock Screw

Instead of using the ASA lock screw, you have the option of purchasing the ASA blocking plate to remove the ASA entirely.

This add on goes for a reasonable price tag of $260 CAN / $190 USD (Reasonable because most parts are made of CNC'd machined aluminum. Does not include 13ci tank).